Ordiversary Party — September!

Happy Ordiversary, September-ordained friends! It’s a time for new beginnings in many northern-hemisphere churches, so what a great time for ordinations. (okay, anytime is a good time for an ordination, and for a party!) We celebrate your ministry, whether it’s been one year or forty since that first step! Today I’m so excited that the… Read More

Ordiversary Party — Awesome August

The first Friday of the month is a FANTASTIC time for a party. (okay, I’m an Enneagram 7, anytime is a fantastic time for a party. But I especially love a Friday party!) This month we are celebrating those of you ordained in August — happy ordiversary! Longtime RevGal Marci Glass is kicking off the… Read More

Ordiversary Party — April!

Happy Eastertide, everyone!  This month we are kicking off the Ordiversary Party with the delightful Claire Beutler-Cruise — a UCC pastor who, I learned from this interview, was ordained on the very same day that I attended a church service on my own for the first time in my life! The second Sunday of Easter… Read More

Ordiversary Party — last of 2020!

Happy December! It’s often a month of celebrations, but this year those will be different…yet the ordiversary party is still here to brighten up your day! This month it’s Maggie Roderick, Scottish RevGal celebrating her 10th ordiversary, kicking off the party. Tell us a bit about your journey into ministry.It’s a long story, so I’ll… Read More

Ordiversary Party: October!

Happy first Friday, friends! The first Friday of the month means it’s time for an Ordiversary Party! And, if I do say so myself, October is the best month (for birthdays and ordiversaries, since both of mine are this month too!). I am SO EXCITED (like all-caps excited) that this month’s party is being kicked… Read More

ordiversary party: September edition!

This month we get to celebrate our September ordiversaries by starting with an extra special one: a FIRST ordiversary! Becky spent many years in administrative roles and in children’s ministry before following her call to ordination, including a move from a “women-remain-silent” denomination to another that affirms women’s gifts and calling. Here’s her story, to… Read More

Ordiversary Party: August!

Happy ordiversary, August-ordained friends! This month’s party is being kicked off by the delightful and amazing Elisabeth Spence, who is celebrating TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ordained this month! woohoo! Tell us a bit about your journey into ministry. I was the Head of a residential school for children with emotional and social needs going about my merry… Read More