Gloria Hopewell in a long-sleeved Almy shirt with superior buttons!

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RevGal Amy Haynie makes her own!

Want to Do It Yourself?


Kathryn Z. Johnston wears a long-sleeve knit blouse with tab collar from WomenSpirit.

Where do you find clergy shirts and accessories?

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14 thoughts on “Where To Find Clericals

  1. I started
    last year because I was frustrated at the lack of choice for women clergy out there. We post worldwide. Take a look. We have had good media coverage in the Uk


  2. Where in the files on the FB page is the document about making your own? Is there a way to search? I’ve scrolled down a ways without finding it. Thanks.


  3. I love Laura Hall-Schordje’s conversion idea from the mock neck. I found, however, that after turning the mock neck down it was too loose to fit under (and stay under) my collar. What I did was to first make a loop of 1/2 inch wide elastic that was 1 inch shorter than the collar I wear and folded the mock neck down over that and then stitched it into place. (ie- I wear a 17” collar so made a 16” loop). Let the elastic float free in the collar – don’t stitch over that. It gently took in the excess, keeps the fabric flat against my skin without feeling tight. And sewing the buttons onto the shirt instead of trying to make button holes was pure genius. I was able to get sleeveless black mock necks on sale last week at a local department store (Kohl’s) for $11.19 each (regularly $18). Add elastic and 2 buttons and about a half hour of time and I love my new shirts. The armholes don’t hang down like my clergy image ones did (they don’t seem to be able to fit larger busted women well).


    1. Susan, If you have trouble with the armholes on a Clergy Image shirt, please contact us – customerservice@clergyimage[dot]com. I don’t care how long ago you bought your shirt, we will work with you to fix the issue!


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