The Pastoral Is Political: On Overload

Are you on overload? I’m on overload. Just in the past week alone, listening to two men threaten one another with nuclear weapons and watching the white nationalist/supremacist/Nazi rallies in Charlottesville has given us more than our souls have bargained for. There’s too much hate happening in our world, and we see it firsthand in… Read More

Friday Festival: Sources of Inspiration

This week, several of our bloggers reflect on sources of inspiration in their lives. In the Southern Hemisphere, this may be the time in late winter that creates the desire to hibernate or escape until the weather has turned warmer. In the Northern Hemisphere, we’re approaching that part of summer called the “dog days” that… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

Divine Creator, who aligns my body, mind, and soul, My heart is racing right now. Palpitations have emerged victorious. Anxiety is my companion since childhood. As life progressed it has invited itself without permission. It has made me overthink, over-care, overwork. And sometimes baby steps have been the only way to move forward in life.… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

God, every moment of this day is claimed. The spaces between meetings have been filled with movement. Rest seems like miles from me. Energize me. Keep the breezes of drowsiness away until this evening when I will need to sleep. Grant me focus. Relieve me from any anxiety that comes my way. Amen. ***** The… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

God whose love stretches from seas to shining seas- And beyond, Many of us have a complicated relationship with this particular holiday. Those of us observing July 4 See the reds and whites and blues surrounding us. We cherish those who serve our country And those who have died defending it. We look forward to… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: I can’t preach that!

I managed to see Wonder Woman this week. And, although that’s a genre of film in which I wouldn’t normally indulge, I loved it! The down to earth, underlying themes of truth and hope and love triumphing over evil and hatred and suffering, spoke to me at a primal level as I sought to escape the… Read More