Thursday Prayer: In the Path of a Hurricane

God in pain and grief- We pray for those in the path of a hurricane- those who are in fear those who are near death those who cannot write their way out those who are already preparing to for the aftermath. Be with them. Strengthen them. Make miracles abound. Be present. Be close. Be tangible.… Read More

Friday Prayer: Unseen, but Not Unappreciated

God of all vocations- I thank you for the person who drives the street sweeper, the one who dresses and cares for the bodies of the dead, the dairy stocker at the grocery store, and the aid to the aid to the mayor. I may not fully know their work, but I know it makes… Read More

Friday Prayer: At the End

Holy One- There came a time when Greece knew she was done. The lamp that was Rome blew out and was no more. The Holy Roman Empire had its days. Dynasties rise and fall- Jin, Tang, Ming. Shores are sheltered and then breached. The sun did set on the British Empire. In the waning days, when… Read More