Saturday Prayer, November 20, 2021

A friend I’ve not seen for years, Rev. Felix Carrion, used to have a sermon call-and-response which went …Where are you? Here! “What time is it? Now. November 20 each year is two commemorations: Universal Children’s Day, recommitting to 1959 UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and International Transgender Remembrance Day which grieves… Read More

Saturday Prayer, September 18, 2021

At the Rhiannon Giddens concert God, I’m grateful for the womanwith songs from her Black heritage,Indigenous, Gaelic, Southern heritage,and her insistence on caringfor the safety of listeners. I am grateful for restaurantswhere I sit outdoors,libraries and local storesstill with curbside pickup,ventilated, “time-visit” museums,strained, stressed, creative schools,(and the saints who work in them), church staff and… Read More

Saturday Prayer, September 4, 2021

Giving thanks for the Baja Fairy Duster God, I’m grateful the Baja Fairy Duster,”Calliandra californica, attractspollinators and hummingbirdsand its seeds like dry pea podsfeed chaparral and desert animals. I give thanks for its many gifts, andhow the beauty of another regionstartles me into experiencing my own,with apples red-ripeningand schoolchildren comparingWonder Woman to dinosaurs on masksin… Read More

Saturday Prayer, May29, 2021

Niwaskowôgan, Great Spirit,this prayer is first prayedon the homelands of Abenaki people,who have lived in the placenow called New Hampshiremore than 12,000 years,being part of the larger groupof Indigenous peoplenaming themselves Wabanaki,“People of the Dawn.” They and those who live herein these dayslook at the same sky and do not knowwhether it is daybreak or… Read More

Saturday Prayer, May 1, 2021

Prayer for International Workers Day God, we hear your voice singing …I relieved your shoulder of the burdenand your hands were freed from the basket. On this International Workers Day,we pray for justicefor workers everywhere –a living wage, workplace safeguards,affordable housing, child care,health care rightsun-tied to full-time hours,re-opening plans based in worker safetyrather than customer… Read More