Saturday Prayer, July 30, 2022

God, this prayer is only my selfie,object of so much humorand undeniable visible truthand not the picture photoshoppedor the portrait skillfully painted, carved. Just me, here now,this day, these anxieties, these loves. Thank you for receiving it,without carefully shaped intercessions,for so many who need grace,expressions of gratitude,that most of the time I feel,regret for the… Read More

Saturday Prayer, July 16, 2022

God, I come to sunrise from newsof a newly seen nebulathat is a birthplace of stars,a phone message wanting my opinionon the politics of my troubled nation,worry about a friend’s health,the bowed-head yellowof yesterday’s grocery store sunflower,and regret for hasty, unkind words. I come to this sunrise,the one sentby my friend across the world,with her… Read More

Saturday Prayer, July 2, 2022

I was watching some children prepare their bicycles and tricycles to be part of a 4th of July parade and because I love all things bicycle, this rolled out. Thanks …God, for wheels bringing usinto creation’s beauty,we give thanks.For leaving a small carbon wheel-tread,we give thanks.For places in the world where bikesare favored transportationand give… Read More

Saturday Prayer, May 14, 2022 (Acts 11: 1-18)

God, I’m getting ready for the children’s sermon,and I’ve collected the “icky” animalsfrom around the house,and I can’t seem to find the insects,(which is what extinction may be all about), but I am going for what “unclean” is,so I need a mosquito with the skunk and shark. And I am going to tell their parents… Read More

Saturday Prayer, May 7, 2022,

God, I am grateful,not for the adviceof those who built houses on rock,but for one floating boardof someone’s sand-disasterI was able to grab,anonymous at a meeting. I am grateful,not for the good soil gardenwith rabbit-ground-hog-proof fence,but the unexpected beautyof tulip bulbs rising fromfall leaves, dog poop and thorns. I am grateful, not just for samaritans,but… Read More

Thursday Prayer, April 14, 2022, Maundy Thursday

God, you are in the details,not of all my plans for this holy season,but of the story of communitythat blesses me differently every year. Open to me, and to some, even one,of those whose sacred momentsI hope to un-tenebrae,so they experience your presence – the vulnerability of a foot,in bunion and blister,and worn by every… Read More

Thursday Prayer, April 7, 2022

God, every day I hunt for joy,in the all-glory-laud-and-honor storyof the entrance to Jerusalem,while the southern United Statesneeds the storms stilled,gun tragedy after gun tragedycalls for the things that make for peace,and Ukraine defines Via Dolorosa, and you put Luke before me,because there are only coats on the ground ­­–not boots, not broken branches. Maybe… Read More

Friday Prayer, January 7, 2022

Many of us wake up this particular morning-after with liturgical hangover from all that Advent, Solstice,Christmas, Kwanzaa, Watchnight, New Years and Epiphany. Let’s pray. God, we rise from a sleep under stars,that are just stars –amazing, incredible, glorious stars! There are so many of them now,and we are remindedthat the people of earth have followeddifferent… Read More