Friday Prayer

God who calls us to rest, to release Remind us what is ours and what is not Allow us to embrace the many lessons While acknowledging that for all things there is a season You call us to love one another as you have loved us This love does not cater but liberates This love… Read More

Wednesday Prayer

For those of us who mourn deeply and sometimes in secret this season, grant comfort For those of us whose history gets forgotten with holiday cheer, grant justice For those of us who are alone and have been banished from community and table, grant love We need you, O God. For those of us who… Read More

Wednesday Festival: Dusk & Dawn

As some of us are welcoming the dusk of Wednesday, others of us in the RevGalBlogPals community are already greeting the dawn of Thursday. Whatever the time and season in our own lives and geography, it is grounding (to me at least) to be reminded by friends & colleagues that many times and many seasons unfold simultaneously — within… Read More