Wednesday Prayer

Holy One, Thank you for a new day with new opportunities to grow, new possibilities to love, new intentions to be more like You in the world; even if it is only within our own small world to start. As we lean into the rest of the week, cause us to lean on You, to… Read More

RCL: Authority

The common denominator in this week’s lectionary reading is that each of them are about authority, one way or another. Each of them stretches out the definition of authority, melting it and remaking it into the authority that is given by God, as opposed to the human definition. image from Shutterstock¬† You Can’t Go Home:¬†In… Read More

A Higher Standard for Police, Politicians, and Clergy

In the United States of America, police have been under a lot of scrutiny lately. And I struggle with that, because they are citizens, and should have the same rights as the rest of us. They should have a right to remain silent, a right to a speedy trial, a presumption of innocence until proven… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: The Power Surge Edition

Some weeks the RCL texts are a challenge and other weeks they seem to be bursting with sermons that could be preached. The texts this week are the bursting kind. The stories themselves are enough to preach a dozen sermons. There is also power flowing through each of these texts. Power can be beautiful and… Read More