Easter Sunday: Empty

“Do not hold on,” you said,and so we empty our expectationsof their aspirations for control. Hallelujah! “Go and tell,” you said,and so we release life’s miraclesfrom the duty of explanation. Hallelujah! “Wait and see,” you said,and so we accept the work of wonderwithout the need for certainty. Hallelujah! Most Holy Gardener: in the timeless wisdom… Read More

Prayer: New Ways

Through the dry desert, a river. Through the yawning grief, perfume. Through the war-torn streets, laughter. Through the fallow season, a harvest. Through the dense fog, a sunbeam. Through the howls of night, peace. Through the wilderness, new ways. God have mercy,may it be so. on Isaiah 43:19 The Rev. Rachel G. Hackenberg‘s book with co-author… Read More