Revised Common Lectionary: Repent

After the long season of Lenten contrition & conversion, with the celebration of Eastertide & new life in full swing, we can be surprised to (re)discover that our ashes still cling to us despite their redemption and our cynicisms still burrow in our souls despite the invitation to joy. Rend your hearts and share your… Read More

Easter Sunday Prayer

Of first importance: Life, hallelujah! Life beyond understanding, life renewed despite death, life growing and changing, life outside of time & flesh, life created in blessing — hallelujah! Of first importance: Grace, hallelujah! Grace unhindered by guilt, grace multiplying with love, grace to comfort our hearts, grace with partiality to joy, grace upon grace upon… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: The Heart’s Glory

“Father, glorify your name.” (John 12:28) What glorifies God’s name: our obedience to God’s law? our suffering? our sinless lives? our joy in worship? our good intentions and willing spirits? our submission to sacrifice? The Old Testament readings of this coming Sunday’s Revised Common Lectionary texts seem to be unanimous in their answer: the heart… Read More