Revised Common Lectionary: What Large Teeth You Have!

Whose power do we adore? Whose authority do we fear? Whose aggravation, whose violence, whose ridicule causes us to cower? Whose steadfastness do we trust? The stones of a temple? The teeth of a wolf? The prayers of a priest? The comments of family? In this Sunday’s Revised Common Lectionary texts, the stones of the… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Mouthful

What is in your mouth? What words, what complaints, what praises, what bitterness? This Sunday’s Revised Common Lectionary texts offer quite a mouthful: Job’s mouth is unapologetically filled with complaints and arguments, as he rages, “Oh, that I knew where I might find God in order to make my case!” (Job 23:3-4) A rich man… Read More