Saturday Prayer: Frozen heart confession

Holy One, The ice that fell on top of my driveway, just shoveled last night, reminded me… Repentance is an act of daily, even moment-by-moment awareness of the depths or my stubborn nature, and the limitless Grace you offer me. Sometimes I resent this work of persistently seeking you. Sometimes I want my humanity to… Read More

Friday prayer: water, water everywhere

Water: the trinitarian substance that contains multitudes As a liquid it cleans, quenches thirst, and bears vessels between land masses It also floods homes and communities, leaving behind physical and financial ruin As a solid it preserves our food, locks toxic gases beneath permafrost, and cools us off in extreme heat It also induces hypothermia,… Read More

Thursday Prayer: God is good at loving

Dear God, I want to write lofty prayers,aspirations of laying down and picking up(worry/trust; judgment/compassionoverfunctioning/boundaries.) I want to be fullof the spirit of the season. I want to be creativeand prayerfuland have meaningful things to say. I want to be good at it.At Lent.At liturgy.At loving. But this is the season of fasting.Of letting go… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: And So It’s Lent

We find ourselves once again in Lent. Though it kind of feels like Lent 2020 never ended, we have made it through an entire church year since then, many of us figuring out ways to celebrate the seasons in new and different ways. Once we have an entire years worth of recordings, can we just… Read More

NARRATIVE LECTIONARY: Mary, the Samaritan, and the Better Path

Reflections for Sermon writing on Luke 10: 25-42 (1st Sunday in Lent) As the pandemic continues to radically change our worldview – simultaneously giving us a global perspective while locking us into a local bubble – it is time again to think of that always important question: who is my neighbor? I love that the… Read More

The Pastoral is Political: Normal Never Existed

Hi. Thanks for coming.  I’ve been wanting to have this talk with you for a while. What I want to say is a bit awkward, but I hope you’ll hear me out with an open mind. There are some things that need to be said and I just can’t be quiet about them anymore.  Here’s… Read More