11th Hour Preacher Party — you have the power

I honestly cannot believe it’s almost Sunday already. It feels like it was just Sunday a few minutes ago….which is what happens when one loses time to jet lag. But whatever time zone you happen to be in, Sunday is coming! And this week, it’s all about Jesus extending his reach by commissioning disciples, giving… Read More

Friday Prayer: Full Lives

God, My head is full Of thoughts and questions, of arguments and indecisions. My heart is full Of love and anger, longing and confusion. My schedule is full Of appointments and to-do lists, errands and meetings. My life is full, As it should be. But sometimes I fear it is not full of the right… Read More

Thursday Prayer: Waitangi Day

  Today in Aotearoa New Zealand we remember the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, one of the foundation documents of our nation – sadly breached many times over in the process of colonisation.  The treaty acknowledges the sovereignty of tangata whenua, the people of the land, (collectively called Māori). The opening phrase (Let us… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: Taste and See

Be Salty, find the light that shines Jesus urges his followers. After the most famous sermon ever spoken, Jesus does not hold back. He elaborates on the commandments as an illustration of the Blessings he has just preached on the Mount. Jesus tells us not to lose our flavor, not to hold back. Jesus urges… Read More

Narrative Lectionary: Super Bowl Half Time Show (Mark 6:1-29)

I don’t watch SportsBall. So I missed the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show, even though I have loved Shakira since the 1990s. After reading some reviews, I decided to watch it myself. And as a “woman of a certain age,” I was impressed with the 43-year-old Shakira and the 50-year-old JLo. If I’m to be… Read More