Friday Prayer: Note to Self from Psalm 103

Note to self: Bless the Lord. We’re in the middle of a marathon slog, but God has not abandoned us. Intermittent joys have sustained us beyond what we could have imagined. The Lord has stayed our hand from slapping the foolish and, sometimes, from typing the thing we cannot take back. Come on, soul. It… Read More

11th Hour Preacher Party: Things We Can’t Forget Edition

There are things we can forget, at least for a little while (just for instance, posting the Preacher Party at the correct time). But there are things that we can’t forget to do, at least not for very long: eat, drink water, sleep. And, “write a sermon” falls on that list of things we can’t… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political – What I Wish You Knew About Portland

You’ve seen Portland, Oregon on the news. But the clips that make enticing news stories don’t tell the whole story by a long shot. So it’s hard to get the real story from the news. The real story is that you can find Christ and Christ’s reign every night on the streets here. I wish… Read More

Tuesday Prayer

God of Creation, As the fires mar the landscape of California, may your children discover ways to extinguish this great inferno quickly. Keep our siblings in harm’s way safe. Create avenues of escape for all your living beings. May the winds die down, the rains fall, the heat lessen. Oh how we forget that we… Read More

Worship Words for 13 September 2020: I Beg Your Pardon

If you’ve struggled to find liturgical language adequate to this moment (pandemic, climate crises, political crises, civil unrest, widely publicised injustices, and so much more), you’re not alone. Here we have some contributions from our RevGals community to help — feel free to use as-is, adapt, or use for inspiration. If you use them in… Read More