Monday Prayer + Can I Ask You Something?

From the bathtub, an eight-year-old voice can be heard. “Mom?”“Mom!”“Mommy!”“PASTOR HEIDI!”“Yes, what is it?”“Can you hear me?”“Yes, what do you need?”“Can I ask you a favor?”“Yes, what is it that you want?”“Can you get me a towel?” It’s been twenty years, but I still remember the effort it took for my daughter to get my… Read More

Friday Prayer: Change in Plans

Holy One, When I dream of the perfect Christmas holiday but my life isn’t a TV movie, let me accept reality with humor and grace. Remind me when I over-plan and under-prepare that my work isn’t about perfection. And when my memories of Christmases past are changed because of pandemic realities, point me back to… Read More

Monday Prayer

Before our Zoom screens, we sat and wept    when we remembered the Before Times.There on our ring lights, we hung our scripts,And there our parishioners asked us for songs,    our tormentors demanded songs unmasked;    they said, “This isn’t real and you are causing suffering for no reason!” How can we sing the songs of the Lord    while in a pandemic of illness, of… Read More

Saturday Prayer, November 27th – Preparing

Holy One, for weeks nowthe stores have been hawkingChristmas thingsand the television has been advertisingholiday specialsand persuading children thatthey really really really wantthis, that, or the other People have been bakingand houses are filled withtantalizing smellsWe are buying extra foodto accommodate the appetiteswhich seem to be biggerat the time of the year The argument continuesabout… Read More