Readings for this Sunday’s Lectionary passages are available here.

Some of us may be celebrating All Saints this weekend as well. Here are those readings. If you have great All Saints traditions in your congregations that you’d like to share here, please do so. Here’s a pic from our All Saints service last weekend. As people came forward for communion, they were invited to light candles in memory of the saints who from their labors rest.

Communion of Saints

To which passages are you drawn to this week?

We will be dedicating stewardship pledges for 2015 this Sunday, so I might be leaning toward Joshua’s account of finally entering the Promised Land.

Matthew’s reminder that the greatest among us will be our servants and those who exalt themselves will be humbled is always a good text too.

Great ideas that have worked for stewardship season are always welcome too.

Where are you leaning? Please share your thoughts here.

Blessings on your week of ministry,


4 thoughts on “Revised Common Lectionary Leanings: Humble Saints

  1. Preaching All Saints’ this week, which is a big deal in my congregation. Lots of work done planning liturgy and a time of remembrance, reading names, lighting candles, baptism remembrance, etc. Planning to focus on the Beatitudes for the sermon but haven’t gotten further than that. What’s everyone else up to this weekend?


    1. All Saints had not been a big deal for my congregation, but they liked it when we did it (early) last weekend.

      This weekend, I’m using the Joshua text entering the Promised Land with the All Saints 1 John text about “what we will be has not yet been revealed”.

      And then maybe a soccer tournament for my son. Once your kids are 16, the details are so much harder to come by!

      Blessings on All Saints for your people. And thanks for those who from their labors rest.


  2. Strangely, it’s politics and political ads that grabbed my attention this week and Paul’s pleading and urging to “live a life worthy of God.” I won’t preach this, but I did blog it if anyone is interested –
    Preaching wise, I’m likely to focus on Psalm 107 because I preach at psych hospital and remembering what God has done for us and being thankful seems a better idea for them…


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