Autumn trees by The River Tweed in Berwickshire, Scottish Borders October 2015

Here in Scotland, the season is moving rapidly; it is half term break so my youngest and his lovely girl have been down to the country to visit.
She’s a school teacher, so as soon as school stopped she got ill – hazards of the job!

This weekend I am conducting a wedding in the ruined Dryburgh Abbey – probably pretty much the last time we can do this comfortably until the spring…

My mind is turning to Advent and choosing pieces for the choir and finishing (starting & finishing) some new banners for the Advent season and making sure that we sing all the old favourites as well as some newer hymns and carols….

Busy is what springs to mind today!

My head is full of Autumn Glory; Outdoor weddings; seasonal preparations; and transitions…

so for your Friday Five today:

  1. What sums up Autumn – or Fall – or Spring if you’re in the southern hemisphere –  in a word or a picture?
  2. What are you doing outside this month, that you’re not likely to do again until next year?
  3. what preparations are you making to get ahead of the busyness?
  4. what is changing, moving, evolving in your church life?
  5. and, for fun… what do you do to stop the busy?

Play in the comments, or on your own blog. If you do the latter, be sure to post a link so we can read it!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Five – busy, busy, busy

  1. Friday Play Devotions:
    1. Crisp
    2. Dealing with identity theft– the accountant called and said that (AGAIN) someone is trying to use the social security number of my son (deceased) or husband (deceased), the accountant isn’t sure, but we will need to follow a process with the IRS. Their computer alerted us. While I am glad to know (again) this situation makes dealing with the aftermath so much harder. And it is a constant reminder of people’s desperation or stupidity or whatever motivates people to do these kinds of things.
    3. I am RENOUNCING busyness in favor of a more sane schedule…LOL. Truly, I am practicing NOT saying I am busy…because it is countercultural (even when I really am busy) and because I want to be more creative in my response. Heretofore (is that a word?), I am failing miserably at this task. Meh.
    4. We are having a churchwide discussion on bucking the trend of declining church membership…and we are trying to make our worship life creative and intriguing and welcoming to the Spirit… On personal level, I have sung with the choir twice and am trying to get my children to church 3 Sundays a month. This is not easy but I love when I can join in, and I love giving my children the experience of church, when we can actually get there as a little family.
    5. I read. And do collage. And write letters. And try to practice Sabbath. And this Sunday– I will attend a “Soul Collage” workshop where we do things like assemble collages in silence…and then talk about how the images “speak” to us when we are done, at a designated time. Not sure how to insert pic here…

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    1. Yuck to the identity theft… I can’t imagine…

      That’s a great idea to renounce busyness… blessings as you work it out
      And I just love the creative things you do….


    2. I am trying to not state the obvious too ( I am busy). Especially because I no longer believe that ALWAYS being BUSY is a good state to be in. I am still learning what will take its place and a more creative reply.

      Dee – I loved all your answers to #5 – read, collage, write letters, and try to practice Sabbath. I would LOVE to see your soul collages.

      Sorry about the identity theft – what a drain on (emotional and time) resources that must be.

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    1. Thanks for playing… In the virtual world the drink sounds yummy… but in my lactose intolerant real life not so much! Enjoy!
      I love lists! They help me focus, settle, work and relax. It’s so good to see where I’ve been and where I’m going


      1. so happy you agree about lists! way back in the day, I was quite a listmaker but almost completely quit for a while they’re now becoming a good way to calm and center myself so I don’t get so frantically human doing (rather than human being) 😀

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  2. What sums up Autumn? We are entering into a time of lower temps and rain. At least I hope so on both accounts. We’ve been in a drought, but it looks like that is starting to lift.

    What are you doing outside this month, that you’re not likely to do again until next year? Walk – as I don’t like to walk in the rain.

    What preparations are you making to get ahead of the busyness? Selecting the music and writing the speaking parts for the December Kids’ service (3rd Sunday of advent – the PreK to high school will lead the service) and planning the Christmas Eve service (something interactive).

    What is changing, moving, evolving in your church life? January 2015 I was given the senior ministry (55 years and older). I selected a new team and we are trying to figure out how to balance spiritual formation and play. This coming year I will concentrate on women’s ministry – but that is a topic for another time.

    What do you do to stop the busy? Currently it is to craft! I.e. Last week I spent some time crafting a sock wreath to use as advertisement for our sock drive (to be given out in November as a monthly meal we host for homeless and lower income folks). The wreath turned out so cute. It caught people’s attention and created a lot of dialogue at church today.

    Thanks for the opportunity to think on these questions.


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