Hello gals and pals,
It’s the second Friday of the month, and you know what that is~~~Random Friday Five! Have fun, and enjoy! (as always, let us know that you played in the comments–whether you play in the comments, link to your blog, or on Facebook!)

1. How do you sign off in your emails, professional and personally? For example, you say “Blessings”,
“Take Care”, “Remember, the Devil is watching you” (o.k. just kidding on that one.) Let us know and why…

2. If you were an animal TODAY, what is it and why?

3. If you get snarky, what triggers it? If you don’t get snarky, please, what is the secret?

4. Look up from your computer/tablet/phone screen. What is the first favorite thing your eyes land on. Describe it. (For example, I just did this, and my eyes landed on a little angel made out of multicolored wires whose head and wings are quite askew because of being chewed upon by my puppy. That aside, I love it because it was a gift from two little girls who came often to my office in my last call to play with all the tshotke on my table. They wanted to add to it.)

5. Do you have a favorite pair of socks? Tell us about them!

Thanks for playing! I look forward to reading your plays…

27 thoughts on “Friday Five!

  1. 1. Usually “Peace” with Pastor Kim or PK. Sometimes if I’m feeling a little “rocker chick” I’ll sign off “another rebel of the Sacred Heart” in reference to the great Irish punk/rock band “Flogging Molly”.

    2. My dog Copper – a Treeing Walker Coonhound – who is very laid back and love and loyalty in nutshell.

    3. My snarkiness is triggered by people being rude and in their rudeness they tend to bully people.

    4. I absolutely LOVE pro ice hockey and the first thing that I saw was a brick from the old Arena where my team – the St. Louis Blues – used to play. I went to many games there with my Dad and we both cried when the city tore down the building some 20 years ago. My Dad has been gone for 10 years and I now go to games with my husband in a new arena -but I still remember the feel and smell of that old Arena and of course the wonderful times spent bonding over hockey with my Dad.

    5. Yes! My favorite socks are my knee high “PrideFest” tube socks!! They are white with rainbow colored stripes at the knee. They are very retro 70’s roller disco – all I need is a satin jacket, some Daisy Duke shorts and a Farrah Fawcett hairdo -and I’m all set!!!


  2. With no active blog – I’ll respond here:
    1. My official signature (the one that is always at the bottom) is “Fear Not” – I adopted it from one of my mentors, and it makes sense almost all of the time, no matter to whom I write or what the subject. and it reminds me as well.
    2. Today, I would love to be a kitty, curled up on a blanket. But I am more like a frenetic chipmunk, running around as fast as I can.
    3. snarky – hmmm – when my kids don’t help out and then tell me “well, you’re the mom, you chose to have us, you should do it.” When I feel overwhelmed and like others aren’t doing their fair share.
    4. A card with three little angels, two praying with their eyes closed, and the third, eyes open and halo askew. A parishioner at my first (intern) church gave it to me and wrote my girls’ names on it. The middle girl is still the impish one, just like Judy predicted when Glennis was 2.
    5. I LOVE smartwool knee high socks. All winter long. Colors are fun, but even plain gray is fine, as long as they are long, and warm!

    That was fun. Now someone please help me focus on ordination paperwork!

    Thanks Karla!


  3. Playing here:

    1. I sign off with “Peace & blessings, PK”

    2. If I were an animal today I would be a sea otter. Because my kiddo and I just watched a PBS documentary about them and I seriously miss the ocean (I grew up on the east coast of the US, have lived in the midwest for 15 years).

    3. Oh, the snark. Alas, it’s interactions with my ex and his new family that bring out the worst of it.

    4. A “mother and daughter” Willow Tree figurine on the bookshelf behind my computer monitor. Special to me because I’m a brunette with a blonde daughter and it’s really hard to find mother/daughter figurines with that combo.

    5. Favorite pair of socks: green, warm, nubby, with flecks of color in them. Wishing I was wearing them right now!

    Back to worship prep…after I make another cup of tea.


  4. Taking a quick break:
    1. I sign off with “Blessings” or “Peace” most frequently, sometimes “take care” (it depends) Very rarely do I sign anything “love”
    2. If I were an animal, I’d be a bird. Not sure what kind. Maybe the curious kind; is there such a thing? My husband and I used to watch cardinals from our window at my former home and I was always amazed that cardinals tend to be seen in pairs, at least in our backyard. They still fascinate me– all birds. Recently, I got a raven charm for my bracelet (because I am from Baltimore and because of the connection with Edgar Allen Poe) The charm has a tiny white bead in its mouth….
    3. Snark alert: I am deeply bothered by assumptions. Particularly class related ones. I am working on it. I try really hard to express appropriately, but sometimes the filter isn’t there…especially after the death of my son… death will cause one to lose one’s filters, at least for me. But I feel that I make my fair share of stupid assumptions too…and I do appreciate when someone corrects them, even if it causes me to hang my head.
    4. a lamp that has tulip shaped glass globe shades (tiffany style). The globe-shades are green-golden. I bought the lamp sometime in the 90’s when I had my first apartment and I bought it at Flights of Fancy, a whimsical store. It had cost $80 which was a huge amount for me to spend, but it was so special. When I was pregnant, my husband helped me to fix the lamp (one of the globes had broken) and we finally found a store in Concord NH that could special order the match. It required two trips but I was so grateful to have it fixed. The lamp base is shaped like the intertwining stems of tulips. It’s just a lamp, but it brings back memories of teaching and living on Market Street and early young adulthood.
    5. Anything that will keep my feet warm in winter. I’ve been thinking about getting some of those soft, really soft, footie kind that are spa-like, the kind that come with some kind of scented lotion for your feet.


    1. I love the objects we keep around us that hold our memories. Your tulip lamp sounds beautiful. Invest in the socks! 😉


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