Those little white caps?  Right Whales off the coast of Marblehead, MA, feeding.  There are less than 500 Right Whales in existence.  They have delighted the community and educated us this week.  Photo by Lynda Hare, Old North Church member. 

O God of all Creation,
Of heavens and earth,
and all of the creatures who fill it,
and the landscape that shows your artful hand,
We give you thanks.

We clap our hands with the floods,
We sing with the hills,
We dance with the trees,
We raise our hands to the stars
and marvel at the wonder of it all.

And as we revel in all your Beauty,
we can’t help but see what human hands have wrought.
The edges of your world
curled and brittle,
because we have starved the oceans,
we have stolen the water,
we have raped the land,
and it gasps in ruins,
hidden in wastelands of poverty and neglect.

You will come to judge with righteousness and equity, and although we know that nothing can separate us from your Grace,
we also know that your Love’s heart breaks
with the brokeness of
the least of these,
endangered species,
polluted rivers,
barren fields.

O Spirit of Justice,
Give us your sight,
Give us your power,
Give us your courage,
to protect,
to love,
to hold
all that is vulnerable and at risk,
and to bring forth healing
where it is still possible.

In the name of all that is holy,

P.S., please bless and protect the Whales.  All of them.

Rev. Karla Miller is the Minister for Community Life at Old North Church UCC in Marblehead, MA, on the North Shore of Boston. She also is contributor to the RevGals Book, There’s A Woman in the Pulpit which she thinks is a classic.  You should get it if you don’t have it yet~~Amazon, as of today only has 16 copies in stock!!

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