walk-on-water-bill-stephensSo, fellow RevGals and Pals, how’s your sermon? If you’re following the RCL, there are rich images in just about every text. The Lectionary Leanings post from this week is here if you still need inspiration.

Are you considering what it meant for Peter to step away from helping to row the boat in order to walk on water? Are you feeling, along with Elijah, like you’re the only adult in the room? Wherever your sermon is headed, here is a spot to share what you’re thinking, what you’re writing, and what you’re wondering.

Obviously we need nourishment for all of that pondering. I just got a grocery delivery this afternoon, so I have a very precious carton of Cherry Garcia to share.

Photo credit: Bill Stephens (image used with permission). This image and other examples of his work are available for purchase at fineartamerica.com and other image websites.

Barbara Bruneau is a retired Lutheran pastor, living in southeastern Minnesota. She is a knitter, a weaver, and a very occasional blogger at An Explosion of Texture and Color.

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2 thoughts on “11th Hour Preacher Party: Water Walking and a Voice in the Silence

  1. I’ve been wondering about writing a riff on the parable from Matthew. The disciples are in the midst of a pandemic (not sure if they are in a boat or not). Jesus is still praying. The pandemic continue to pound at them…but in this parable they are not terrified until they see this apparition coming toward them. I am remembering Jesus’ earlier parable about the mustard seed being little…perhaps Jesus is telling Peter…little faith is OK…simply trust what you know and what you are learning. Why do you doubt yourself?

    I am so thinking about this comment I shared on the RevGals Wed check-in…and how/if that might play into the sermon instead.
    “I am constantly reminding myself and trusting that God has given us the people we need with the gifts each of them brings. The growing edge is to figure out how to use their gifts in the way they come. I am currently holding this lightly in terms of technological saavy people. Some have the entire Geek Squad their fingertips and some have Neville from Harry Potter. However, I do love that Neville was the hero in the end.”


    1. Your comment has me thinking about the unlikely heroes that have emerged in these days. I love the image of Neville. I wonder how many of are congregations have people who bring or have cultivated particular skills that help move ministry forward in this pandemic time. I will be interested to hear more about where your thoughts lead you for preaching this weekend.


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