Greetings all. Where I am, in Scotland, the end of August marks the end of summer; there is a definite hint of Autumn (Fall) in the air… misty mornings, golden fields, trees beginning to turn – it all just puts changing seasons into the mind. I have just returned to work after two weeks of vacation – it was lovely just the right blend of family and friends, good food and total down time. I should be relaxed and ready for anything – truth to tell, after a morning of dealing with emails, calls and decisions on what to do next in church to keep everyone safe (coffee hour? 1m, 0m, free for all?) I am exhausted!

The joy of alfresco eating in the summer… whats on your table? (photo by JMR 2021)

Sunday is just around the corner and I have to get my ducks in a row so I can let everyone know what I need from them for worship this week. This is the wrap up week from my summer preaching series on Moses in the Wilderness. Next week is back to the RCL for me. Where are you all at? Do you follow a lectionary? Your own series or something else? Whatever it is, we can do this together! Share your thoughts, your ideas, your celebrations and your frustrations here in the comments – this is your space for support and supporting.

If you need some ideas we have great resources: there is a reflection on this week’s RCL readings here; if you are looking for liturgy ideas have a look at some of the ideas gathered here.

Once you get your sermon, or liturgy on the way, if you use a blog share links in the comments below; it is always a joy to share and know we are not alone.


Julie Rennick is a Church of Scotland minister serving in a town in the Central area of Scotland. She loves to sew and escape to the countryside with her husband in their home on wheels….


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2 thoughts on “Preacher Party – end of summer?

  1. I’m extending summer by a week because the Narrative Lectionary doesn’t start until the 12th….so I have two more weeks for my summer series on Sunday school stories. This week it’s the Way Truth Life business, which I am going to attempt to rescue from both SS and funerals. Next week it’s 1 Corinthians 13 to cap it all off (bookending where we started with the greatest commandment), which I will attempt to rescue from weddings.

    Today’s to-do list said “sermon” but no sermon has been written. HOWEVER, I might actually have an idea for a change! I was reading about how the whole “in my father’s house are many mansions” business uses the noun form of the verb we normally translate as “abide” (as in … abide in me as I abide in you etc…abide with me…blah blah), and that the concept is not only about physical spaciousness but about a sort of spaciousness of time and attitude — as in “I’ve got a lot of time for them” would convey the same idea….so I’m playing with the idea of roominess and having time/space for people. And that leads me to…cats! lol. I have new cats and they are just beginning to explore this vast manse, and every day they discover a new room. It’s a house with many mansions! lol. I am 100% playing with that for an intro! If I ever actually get around to the writing, anyway.

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  2. Doing pulpit supply for the first time in a while, for a colleague who is out on medical leave. The preaching text is James 1 from the RCL. I wrote a Master’s thesis on James, so while I love this Scripture, I’m having a hard time putting all my excitement into just one sermon! Planning to focus primarily on James’ definition of what constitutes true religion: helping those who are most vulnerable.


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