Playing Friday Five was my entree into the World of RevGals.  I remember the first time I played, I felt so welcomed by everyone’s comments.   That was in 2007.   And even though most of my blogging is through writing prayers for the RGBP blog, I can’t imagine my life or my ministry without this community.  I am so, so, so grateful.

So, since I am all weepy and happy thinking about this organization,  I offer you this Random Friday Five:

1.  What are you wearing right now?  (a question from my first FF play.)

2.  What are you having for lunch (or dinner)?  (another question from my first FF play.)

3.  Share an experience of community that was transformative or precious to you.

4.  Describe your favorite mug or glass.

5.  Give a shout out to a friend or colleague!

Thanks for playing, and let us know that you played in the comments with a link to your blog!

32 thoughts on “Random Friday Five

  1. 1. Noisy, colorful leggings, which I have converted to jammie bottoms because I am too chicken to wear them out in public, and a very soft, organic tee,
    2. BBQ’d ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob, iced tea w/ lemon, and beignet fries. It’s the South, youse guys.
    3. Hmmm. Tonight I’m going with the day I was commisioned into service as a lay pastor. When other elders and ministers layed hands on me to pray for me, I truly felt the annointing power of the Holy Spirit through their touch and felt as though I had finally joined myself to my truest vocation and the other men and women who belonged to it as well.
    4. I have an old, vintage cup for tea that has an unusually shaped bowl. It is smaller at the top than at the bottom and quite delicate. Green with big pink peonies. I am not graceful (at all) and stand amazed that I haven’t broken it, yet. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.
    5. Shout out to my partner in ministry and crime, Sally-Lodge Teel, who saved my sanity during my first two years of ministry and taught me lots of good stuff about being a good pastor. And shopping mojo. Really good shopping mojo. Love you, SLT!


  2. Good morning everyone! This is the first time I’ve player. I’ve read responses before- just never played.
    1. I’m wearing my favorite and very old fleece jacket. I’m not sure how long I’ve had it. 15 years? 20 years? Pocket linings are torn, so not a good place for my keys. I put it on every morning when it’s chilly- over my pajamas. I have faded old jeans on, too, because I took my grandson to school this morning. Loafers with no socks. Black T shirt.



  3. 1)ubersoft fleecy housecoat and pink crocs.
    2)BLT for lunch!
    3)when I was a student minister, 27 years myself, sitting bedside with a dying 38 year old mom and her 13 year old son. As she slipped away, he fired questions at me. Where was she going? If he went there later and saw her, without a body how would he know it was her? Etc. Etc. I remember taking a deep breath and thinking “This is not a test. This is real. He’s depending on me to say what I believe.”.
    4) my favorite mug is from my sons current university. A big blue one with “Berkeley” in yellow letters. This is his 4th university (3 degrees and a fellowship), so “my” mug has changed….makes me smile every morning.
    5)Hi to Julie Woods, who’s on the last leg or organizing the Big Event in Edinburgh and Lindisfarne. I’m counting sleeps! We met 5 years ago at Iona, and I was happily surprised to discover her role this year as I was registering! So great to see her again!


  4. Friday play devotions:
    1. My clothes from yesterday: Gray knit pants and a tunic. Haven’t showered yet. I throw on yesterday’s clothes in order to get my toddlers to daycare in the morning. Then, I get ready for work. But I have “off” today.
    2. Roast beef sandwich probably…if still fresh. Or PB+J.
    3. I met this guy, Benjamin, at a jazz service. He carried drumsticks wherever he went and would play them on his lap. I think that he was homeless or somewhat unstable in his personal life. We used to sit next to each other. I would feel an odd joy in his presence…most people wouldn’t sit close to him, but he let me. We would sing together at service. One day, I asked him if he would meet me for a “jazz” picnic and I carried a bunch of stuff (picnic things and a boombox) 2 miles to the park from the church where we met. He was very respectful and we watched the row boats/skiffs on the Charles, and we talked a little about life…while listening to Jazz music..but mostly we just sat together and shared a meal. It was an odd and special time. I wasn’t sure if he would even show up, and I had a back up plan, just in case I had “misread” him or something mistrustful happened. But I was glad to have trusted his goodness inside. Years later, I tried to write him via the church because I always treasured that moment. I don’t even know if Benjamin was his real name. We were just two friends in Christ, connected by the church. I often wonder where he is…or if he is still alive. And I was always glad for our jazz picnic…
    4. A blue, round pottery mug that my husband and I used.
    5. There are several…one of those colleagues was Sue D…(now deceased) .She saw me reading when I first came to a MA Conference event. or some kind of New England Clergywomen’s conference event..I was sitting off to myself on a bench, newly arrived in MA, and she encouraged me to put down the book and talk to other people. It wasn’t criticism; it was encouragement. And I thought it was weird that she even noticed; she probably had a zillion things to do. When I went home after the event, I wondered why I kept replaying that moment. Then, I talked about it with my husband-friend. Then, I realized that she was trying to help me. Later, she did a training and I studied her. Watched how she interacted with poise, etc, and handled a crowd, and difficult questions from others. She later became a friend to my husband and me. Not close friends, but kind and supportive. And I never told her how much I appreciated her engaging with me that first time. But it was like breaking a shell. There are others too. I think that we need to remember that all of us need each other…we can all learn from different things…no matter how mature we think we are…or how educated.

    I’d also give a shout out to Jan Hilton for her snail mail (postcards) to me which just have been fun to receive and exchange. And Nada S. who has interesting posts on FB which feed my curiosity.

    Wow, sorry that was long…


    1. Thanks for your thoughtful play. Sue was a giant and mentor and a grace to many. I love the story of Benjamin. Take care!


  5. 1. I am wearing jammies with red and black scottie dogs all over them while sipping hot beverages from
    my favorite mug.

    2. I have a gift certificate for a local restaurant. We will be having Italian food for dinner.

    3. Community experience: Appalachian graveside committal where the family took turns shoveling. It
    was their final act of care for their loved one. He was 31 and died from Muscular Dystrophy. This
    occurred two months after I lost my 23 year old son and his fiancé in an accident. I cared for them,
    and they cared for me.

    4. Favorite mug, currently in use, has a head shot of Wonder Woman. I have the same pic tattooed on
    my right upper arm. It is my badge of honor for surviving, and then thriving, after a particularly
    abusive church appointment.

    5. A shout out to Anna Guillozet, my colleague in ministry, my daughter, my sister, and the mother of the
    child for whom I serve as Fairy God Crone.


    1. What? You get to be a Fairy God Crone? How fun. I appreciate the power of the SuperWoman image and archetype. And the funeral, oh. Thinking of you in your loss, too. xoxo


  6. 1. I am wearing a western shirt and my smallest sized jeans–at least they fit for this moment in time!

    2. Lunch: leftover gluten free pizza from last night.

    3. A transformative experience of community: Just got back from Holy Week in the Holy Land. A group of 21 pilgrims bonded in the most amazing way and we became the church together: One of the blog posts about it:

    4. Favorite mug: anything with chai tea/coconut milk in it.

    5. Shout out: Cindy Breeding, a wonderful journalist who got me started on my weekly religion column for the Denton Record Chronicle, We got together for a drink last night and renewed again a wonderful friendship.


  7. 1. Pink button down that i wore years ago when i had just been diagnosed with BC and one Sunday my congregation all wore pink in support.
    2. Indian that i have every friday with my friend Ray.
    3. The day of my ordination…6 weeks ago.
    4. Clear green mug from evergreen college in WA.
    5. Shout out to my friend, mentor…Rev. Carol Shanks.


  8. 1. A sweater that looks like a twin set, but is really one piece.

    2. Salmon in pastry, with a shrimp and crab sauce.

    3. Our Maundy Thursday service, when two small girls performed handwashing for the congregation.

    4. Hand-crafted by a friend who runs retreats under the title “The Potter’s House”.

    5. Shout out to Martha for starting this in the first place, and for being a super admin.


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