Some of us already have our Advent plans firmly in place, and others may still be pulling things together. For anyone who can use them, here’s a selection of items that may be helpful, nourishing, useful for you. Praying for each of you as you prepare the way during our Sacred Pause.


Advent Reflections – based on the women named in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus, from Liz Crumlish:

Self-Care Advent Calendar and Weekly Advent prayers from Rachael Keefe:

Advent Study by Elena Keppel Levy:

Haikus for Advent, by Sarah Agnew:


Advent for Uncertain Hearts, by April Fiet:

Advent Candle Liturgy based on The Women’s Lectionary, Year W, by Gord Waldie:

New Advent Candle Lighting Song from Elana Keppel Levy:


RCL Advent I Resource, Diane McClurg Strickland:

Narrative Lectionary, Advent Year 4 by Katy Stenta:

Inspiration for Advent Preaching by Lisa Cressman:

Advent 2 Year W using The Women’s Lectionary, by Wil Gafney:


Reverse Advent Calendar for food donations from The Episcopal Church in North Texas:

Various printable resources for coloring and learning:


Call to Worship for Nov. 28 by Monica Thompson Smith

(from Colossians 1:15-20)

Leader: He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.

People: Come, Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Leader: He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

People: Come, Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Leader: He is the head of the body, the church.

People: Come, Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Leader: In him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him God was pleased to reconcile all things.

People: Come, Emmanuel, God-with-us.

Narrative Lectionary November 28, 2021 by Deborah Roof


One:      We call upon You, Lord of hosts as we come to pray.

Many:   As you promised, we search for You, knowing that we will find You.

One:      You are the God of restoration and renewal.

Many:   You will restore us and bring us back from any exile we are feeling.

One:      With the help of the God of all ages, our hope can grow in the darkness.

Many:   Whatever darkness we are feeling, may we discover Advent hope.

(The first candle – the candle of HOPE – is lit.)


In compassion and trust, we approach you, God of the Covenant. Day by day, your promises are fulfilled among us. Help us to prepare ourselves and our community of faith for Christ’s coming. Amen.


As our love for one another thrives and increases, so does our generosity. The circle of our concern widens. Our passion for justice expands. Our desire to join in Christ’s redeeming work extends to the whole human family. What a privilege to have so much to share!


We give You thanks o, God, for this family of faith. Our lives are enriched through our covenant with You and Your Presence in our lives. Thank you for helping us to reach outside ourselves. We are grateful that you show us ways to lift the burdens of our sisters and brothers. May our offerings further this ministry among us and beyond our community. Amen.

Full liturgy for Dec. 5 by Sigrid Rother:

Opening Hymn: Of the Father’s Love Begotten

*Call to Worship – 

One: Today is the Second Sunday in Advent. 

All: We will light again the Candle of Hope and also the Candle of Peace.

One: We worship God who brings us hope and peace.

All: We worship in joy and thanksgiving, and we prepare ourselves for the birth of Christ.

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel ”

ADVENT CANDLE LIGHTING Second Candle – The Candle of Peace

Leader: Today is the Second Sunday of Advent and we light the Candle of Peace. We light the candle of Hope again as we remember that Jesus is our hope. We believe that he will come again to fulfill all of God’s promises to us, to bring justice and peace. Today we remember the prophets who spoke of the coming of Christ, of how a Savior would be born, a king in the line of King David. The prophet Isaiah called Christ “the Prince of Peace”. When Jesus came, he taught people the importance of being peace-makers. Christ brings peace and he will bring everlasting peace when he comes again. We light the Candle of Peace to remind us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Light two purple candles, using the candle stick and taking the flame from the altar candle

Leader: Jesus, Light of the World, the prophets said you would bring peace. You ask us to be peacemakers as well. Help us today, to seek peace amongst people, even when it is hard. We ask it in the name of the one who was born in Bethlehem. Amen.


Invitation –

Words of Institution –

Prayer of Consecration with Lord’s Prayer –

Holy God, in this Advent season we prepare ourselves and we wait again for you to come to us. We want to trust you and hope like the Abraham and Sarah and other people in ancient times.

Let us be like John the Baptist, invite people to prepare and announce Jesus’s coming as well.

We thank you for Mary, who listened and followed your voice. Just like she prepared herself for Christ’s birth, so our lives will be transformed when we welcome you into our lives.

We thank you for the shepherds who dare to seek you out in the dark world. Let us not be afraid either to look for you where we least expect you. Thank you for the magi who brought you gifts, challenged the violent powers and protected innocent lives. 

As we prepare ourselves for Christ’s birth into our lives again, we also remember that on the last night of his life, he shared a meal with his disciples- and he broke the bread and gave the cup of forgiveness even to the one who will betray him. 

We pray that we experience forgiveness, new life and Christ’s presence in this simple meal of bread and the cup. 

As brothers and sisters in Christ, we pray the prayer Jesus Christ taught us… Our Father..

Sharing of the Elements

Through the broken bread we participate in the body of Christ

Through the cup of blessing we participate in the new life Christ gives

The gift of God for the people of God- 

Come, for all things are ready

  • Sharing of bread- 

The body of Christ, given for you – Taste and eat the bread of life.

The blood of Christ, shed for you- Taste and drink the cup of blessing.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thank you oh God of Advent, that you come into our world- in this meal of thanksgiving and remembrance, as well as in these short dark days and long nights. Send us into the world as your messengers of hope, peace, love and joy as we prepare again for the birth of the Christ-child and how he can change the world. Amen. 

*Closing Hymn  

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Compiled by Mary Beth Butler

For RevGalBlogPals 2021

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