Three Brothers, Torn Apart.
by Cathy M. Kolwey (c) 2014.

This prayer is for the hurting kids, Loving God.

The ones who never got the care they needed;

the ones who cower under blankets,

because the broken love of this world

feels like utter chaos.

These are the kids who never got

the stability, attachment, and consistency

to gain the courage it takes to love.

They are hurting, they are scared

and as much as they need to be loved, they just don’t know how.

They run. They hide, from what could be beautiful relationship

for fear of being disappointed once again.

And if we are honest with ourselves, Holy God,

we must admit that so do we.

We know that each of us is a hurting child inside.

We all long to be held in the perfect love

that drowns out the imperfection and brokenness of the world.

We all have moments when we want to hide under blankets

as opposed to taking on the fight of loving the world all over again.

So we pray

That you might guide our steps toward

the perfect love we can only find in you.

May each flawed relationship we have the courage to be in

point us to the only relationship — the only love —

that knows true perfection. The one that is based in

the grace and mercy you show us.

And may your love for us, strengthen us to once again,

to keep loving those hurting kids.

We pray in the name of the Savior, who is the perfector of our love.


(c) 2022. CMKolwey

Rev. Cathy M. Kolwey is an artist, writer, pastor, and chaplain who works at the intersection of Spirituality and the Arts. She lives and works in Minnesota. You can find more of her writing at


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