Friday Five: local treasures

I’m staying with some friends after being unexpectedly displaced from a housing situation. All will be well, and in the meantime I am finding some delightful reasons to enjoy my temporary neighborhood. Architectural treasures abound, a new coffee shop is a block away (and latkes are on the menu!), and this sweet lending library is… Read More

Friday Five: celebrations

It’s the time of year when celebrations abound: graduations (the end of that season), weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, and more. I’ve just officiated the blessing of my sister-in-law’s recent marriage, an event that incorporated a variety of celebrations within the celebration. Fun stuff, all around! The season notwithstanding, causes to celebrate can be found in… Read More

Friday Five: the times they are a changin’

My life is overflowing with transitions at this time: losing a beloved family homestead, welcoming a new grandchild, starting a new call next month, packing up our home in anticipating of a move 1000 miles away… Those are the markers that are easy to identify. Inner transitions are taking place, too, which leads me to… Read More

Friday Five: You can never have too many…

While packing up my mother’s apartment a few months ago following a stroke, I discovered a side to her of which I had been previously unaware. While I wouldn’t go so far as to label it hoarding, she did have an excessive number of certain items among her things. Office supplies ranked at the top.… Read More

Friday Five: Mardi Gras Edition

We’re approaching the days of the “last hurrah!” before the launch of Lent, a time that often feels rushed with finalizing plans for seasonal practices, writing small treatises on the traditions of discipline, sacrifice, and spiritual intention, and taking a breath to tend to our own encounter with Lent–even as we shepherd others through it.… Read More