New Year Prayer

Dawn breaks forth from darkness, from stillness, from what was. It teases and beckons, a pied piper of melody and fractured notes, dancing into what lies ahead. We give thanks for the path behind, rejoice in its blessings, grieve its piercings, and lift our eyes to what calls us forth. Love, tenderness, yearning soak the… Read More

Christmas Prayer

  We come to adore you, little one. On bended knee, with hopeful heart, and eyes stretched wide with wonder and awe. The gentleness of your gaze draws us into the mystery of all that lies beyond, and in that place of falling into joy we yield all that we are to you. And we… Read More

Monday Prayer: basking

The days are harried, the dark enshrouds, and still there is joy poking through the bustle and burdens. Melodies of holy wonder pierce the mindless chatter that abounds, and laughter overcomes the slog of weariness. Even in this season of seeming contradictions the way becomes clear, pointing one direction: toward hope, and promise, and revelation,… Read More