denton no hatePhoto from Indivisible Denton rally August 14, 2017 – Denton, Texas / Mary Beth Butler photo

Dear Friend,

We rally, we write, we pray, we weep

But it is not enough.

Those of us with privilege must step up, or continue to,

and say, NO. To violence, to racism, to Nazism, to fascism.

To our similarly privileged family members, the friends, church members who still make excuses

(I could list a million of ’em but I’m not going to bore you, because You’ve heard them all)

We Say No. We will not accept that. We will not be complicit.

We will have hard conversations. We will risk.

No, it is not “getting worse” but it is surely not “getting better.” Yet.

What’s missing? Our bodies, our faces, our voices.

We pledge, we promise, we vow

To get out there and stay.

Be with us.


Mary Beth Butler is an Episcopal layperson in North Texas. She is a retired university administrator, works as a paving contractor, and is an occasional blogger.

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