hello goodbyeThis is the last Friday Five that I will host after some years of presenting the third Friday Five of each month. I was honored to be asked and am grateful for the times of inspiration and laughter from you RevGals who played!

Our lives entail many beginnings and endings of periods or chapters. We can look back and see where we said “Hello” and “Goodbye.”  Today please look at those times in your life. Be original or play along with these five suggestions:

I am saying “Hello” and/or “Goodbye” to:

  1. book
  2. habit or practice
  3. idea
  4. food
  5. person

I hope you will play today. If you do, please leave a link to your blog posting in the comments.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” ~Seneca

13 thoughts on “Farewell Friday Five: Hello/Goodbye

  1. About to say hello to a new congregation, a new house
    Recently said hello to a new car, and a new mobile phone ( that connects with the Bluetooth in the new car)
    Saying goodbye to a congregation this Sunday
    Saying goodbye to a house in 11 days
    A number of ‘ lasts’ over the past few weeks .

    Am hoping that the move will bring some new practices around spirituality and exercise 🙂


  2. I am belatedly playing FF because of other obligations…but I wanted to thank janintx for her posting…
    Here is my play devotion:
    1. Saying hello to a book, “Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit,” by Jeanette Winterson and goodbye to Richard Rohr’s “Immortal Diamond”
    2. Saying goodbye to Facebook habit…so that I can concentrate and focus better on other things. The constant input was overwhelming at this point.
    3. Saying goodbye to those ideas that are self-defeating.
    4. Saying hello to potroast in the slow cooker…I am trying to do this today…it’s a big deal b/c I am using the slow cooker that I gave my deceased husband for Christmas/or birthday (can’t remember). I am trying to overcome the avoidance and felt ready 2 years later.
    5. Trying to say hello to reciprocal relationships and identified with what janintx writes about friendships. Really yearning to build deep, abiding relationships that don’t fade over time. And are true and real. That means letting go of relationships that were not.


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