Today is the last day of school here. My youngest has the last full school day in his academic career today. Next year, he will be a high school senior. Around here, that means his schedule will look more like the schedule of a college kid. I love that our local system helps our seniors in this way – it also means he will gain more experience at controlling his own time and imagining living away from home. It’s all good and yet painful at the same time. 

These same paradoxical realities are well documented this week in our blog ring. Tears and laughter, being nice and being faithful, being alone and enjoying family: 

“We can be nice.  Or we can be faithful. Being faithful is not about shaming someone… It’s about expressing a different message – a message of grace.”

Once again, Jan has named an important line to walk concerning our communities and ourselves

“The great blue heron always looks to me like it came out of some other time period, long before cell phones, laptops, or even the industrial revolution.”

Jo(e) shares a stunning view from her kayak, enjoying solitude at a family event

“Everybody has to go in eventually, open the door and step into the dark, mysterious future, the great unknown.”

Becky writes poignantly about the parental pride of sending off older children to be free while still wanting them to venture no further than the house

“I washed a possum in the washing machine once. It wasn’t on purpose. I really don’t care how clean the neighborhood animals are.”

And for the hysterical laughter after tears, I give you Jane and a possum.

Blessings on you as summer begins, and life changes yet again. 

Amy is an Episcopal priest, starting a new position June 26 at Trinity Episcopal Church in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. She records written and audio sermons at She serves as Treasurer and Board member of RevGalBlogPals.

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