petey sleeping
the sleeping dogs who inspired this week’s prayer


We do not always describe Your glorious world very well.  For instance, this week someone said he slept like a baby, by which he meant well.  But babies, as You know having created them, do not sleep well.  They sleep in fits and starts, and there is usually crying on one end of the sleep or the other.

We also tell each other to let sleeping dogs lie.  Given the choice,  who wouldn’t rather sleep like a dog than a baby? Our bodies peacefully rising and falling, dreaming of wide fields and delicious food, and waking all at once and completely rested, shouting helloooos to Your glorious world, which we cannot describe very well but which we, nonetheless, savor.   Amen.

Jennifer Garrison Brownell is the designated term pastor at First Congregational UCC-Vancouver, Washington, USA.  She is the author of Swim, Ride, Run, Breathe: How I Lost a Triathlon and Caught my Breath and she blogs from time to time.  She loves bananas and spends too much time on Facebook. 

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