why aren't you writing_RevGalBlogPals began as a webring, a connected group of bloggers with the shared interest of being or supporting women in ordained ministry. In those pre-Facebook days, we kept up with each other by navigating from one blog to another, carrying on conversations in the comments that sometimes migrated from one person’s page to another. All our communication was written, much of it daily. Whether our blogs were the purpose or the blogging undergirded other writing practices, we all wrote.

This week, Michelle Francl shared an email that poses the question in our subject line, going on to say,

The email repeats the basic advice this group gives embedded in a cautionary tale: write at least 30 minutes every weekday, do not let anyone or anything keep you from your appointed task. Or else you will be the tearful and unaccomplished academic featured in the email.

Read the rest of Why Aren’t You Writing? at Quantum Theology.

Here are four bloggers in our community who have been writing this week. Because their works are brief poems or prayers, rather than quoting them at length here, I invite you to click through and let them know you are reading.

What are you writing this week? And if you aren’t writing, why not?

Martha Spong is executive director of RevGalBlogPals and a clergy coach. She is co-author of Denial is My Spiritual Practice (and Other Failures of Faith), with Rachel Hackenberg, and editor of There’s a Woman in the Pulpit, a collection of essays by members of the RevGalBlogPals community. She is starting to write (why isn’t she writing?) a book about loss.

RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back to the specific post. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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