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For some liturgical inspiration, since we know that many of us are struggling to find liturgical language adequate to the moment…Here we have some contributions from our RevGals community to help. Feel free to use as-is, adapt, or use for inspiration. If you use them in printed materials, please note the author and If you use them in online worship and it is possible to give credit in video descriptions, that is sufficient (no need for verbal attribution). Thanks!

Call to Worship by Teri Peterson

Come, for the kingdom of God is at hand.
Waiting and watching, prepared and scrambling, exhausted and energised:
Christ calls you.
Come, whether you have light to share or you need help seeing the path ahead.
Let us worship God together.

Prayer of Confession Based on Joshua 24:1-3, 14-25 by Kathy Swaar

Gathered in your Presence, Father and Mother of Mercy,
and in your Holy Name,
we lift our hearts in worship and in praise.

In reverence and hope, in sincerity and faith,
we approach your altar of Grace.

We confess all the times and places
we’ve deserted and forsaken your Word,
your way, your intention for our lives.

Lured by idols of popularity, self-sufficiency,
of power and control in the name of law and order,
we’ve given our allegiance to other gods.

Forgive us, Holy One.

Putting away all that would keep us
from serving you with our whole heart,
we turn to you.

Forgive, free and heal us, that we
may walk with you in newness of life.


A call to worship by Joanna Harader (audio file)

Prayer of confession by Teri Peterson

God, you are creating a world where everyone can live an abundant life. We confess that we often work against your creative spirit, instead creating systems that privilege a few and leave behind the rest. We confess that we benefit from injustice, and we often do not want to give up our spot at the top. We confess that sometimes the words we say and sing in the sanctuary do not match our actions in other parts of the building, let alone other spaces in our lives. We confess that we prefer to offer you what is easy and hope that is good enough to get us through the week. Forgive our inconsistent faith, our hypocrisy, our hard-heartedness. Open us to your way, and give us courage to walk your path of healing, reconciliation, justice, and peace. Amen.

Benediction image from Joanna Harader


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If you have written words for worship in this strange new world that you are willing to share, please send us an email: revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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