I am not sure how you did it.
How you got it through my head.
I try to explain it to others.
I try to share what I learned.
What you made me learn.
What you taught me.
What you keep teaching me.
What you won’t let me forget.
That I am loved.
That we are loved.
That you love us so.
Not for a single thing we’ve done.
Not for anything I accomplish or say or try.
But because you are love.
And I am part of you.
So on the days I’m not so sure.
On the days I need reminders.
On the days I need proof and evidence and signs.
Tell me again.
Tell her and her and him and them.
Tell me I am loved.
Tell us we are are loved.
Tell us we are a part of you.
A part of your love.

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