northport harbor

Well, it’s August, and the eclipse is coming, along with the end of summer rush to get away and to prepare for fall beginnings.  August always feels like such a random month to me and so . . . a random potpourri of posts:​

Knowing that “good people can be clueless,” Jan in achurchforstarvingartists writes out of the perennial vacationing-with-family-with-whom-you-disagree dilemma  which, of course, comes up in many other contexts, and especially in the church, as well:  Standing up and saying what is right versus . . . well, not.


Here comes Jesus, walking across the water, and there go Maria’s friends from Indonesia, deported across the water.  She has written an exquisite poem and prayer in Gifts in Open Hands.  (And I’m sorry – I could not get the specific link to post.  I guess we’ll just have to read the entire blog!)

I wanted to read Sara’s piece on “the soft animal of [her] priesthood” because I recognized the allusion in the title.  And I am here to tell you that she has done much better than I have in reflecting on several months between churches.  I am going to be pondering her words on how we “package our experiences for the consumption of others” for quite awhile.

​MaryAnn​ finds the coolest stuff for The Blue Room.  There are so many links in her post that I’m stopping here.  If you do absolutely nothing else online today, look at the images of the crocodiles and the mushrooms.  Lots of other intriguing things in her Ten for Tuesday!

What about you?  Four or five for Friday?  Feel free to add your links in the comments!


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Image: Prince Edward Island in August.



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