Revised Common Lectionary – Drunk with New Wine Edition

We human beings are uncomfortable with those who stand out. Sure, we may like an actor or musician to be prominent on the stage or screen, but we like most people to fit in. In Numbers 11:24-30, Eldad and Medad are prophesying, but not at the tent of the meeting where they’re expected – they’re… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: We Shine Brighter Together

I serve a tiny church. It was once a center of activity for a German immigrant community. Later, it was a neighborhood center. Now it is a small band of committed people. There is diversity in these people. We have people whose ancestors come from Africa, Europe, East Asia, and also the Caribbean and Central… Read More

Revised Common Lectionary: An ADVENTure in Justice and Peace

Revised Common Lectionary readings for the Second Sunday in Advent, Year A from Venderbilt Divinity School. Peace. We could all use a little peace right now. There are battles all over the world, but the situation in Syria is especially dire. Many people live in oppression. People are protesting over lack of clean water, or… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: Deplorables and Nasty Women

In the USA, candidate for president Hillary Clinton said half the supporters of other candidate, Donald Trump, were in a “basket of deplorables.” Clinton later apologized for saying it was half of the supporters. In a debate, Trump called Clinton “Such a nasty woman.” Having just preached on the parable of the Pharisee and the… Read More

The Pastoral Is Political: Welcome to the Church… Now Get Out!

A lot of things happened on June 12. Here are two: 50 people died, and more than 50 people were wounded, at Latin Night at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. I was ordained as clergy in the United Church of Christ. For the rest of my ministry, I will associate these two events. For the… Read More

Friday Five: Unexpected Events Edition

I’m filling in for Anne Wolf Fraley today This is a bittersweet post, as this is my last time posting with RevGals. I know this comes as a surprise to many of you, and perhaps there are better ways to share this information, but here we are. The reason I’m leaving is that I’ve accepted… Read More

A Higher Standard for Police, Politicians, and Clergy

In the United States of America, police have been under a lot of scrutiny lately. And I struggle with that, because they are citizens, and should have the same rights as the rest of us. They should have a right to remain silent, a right to a speedy trial, a presumption of innocence until proven… Read More