Friday Prayer: Nothing Lost

Christ- It is possible that we have lost sight of your intentions and commands.  What would we, what would I do, if I expected no protection from the state, no solidarity from officials, not conspirators in high places? If we, if I, stood in solidarity with those who are oppressed, pressed, suppressed, depressed, distressed, de-tressed,… Read More

Friday Prayer: Nonviolent Persistence

Holy Christ, Prince of Peace, Pioneer of our faith,  I find myself immersed in the words of Psalm 137. Even though I do not wish actual harm on people or their children or their animals, I can feel the urge – lingering at the edges of the least-evolved, least-sanctified, least-formed parts of my reptilian brain.… Read More

Friday Prayer:

During my husband’s first deployment to Iraq, I felt so swamped by grief and fear that I would sometimes have to pull over to pray. I sought help for not making an idol of being terrified- giving it my attention, my energy, my time. I frequently sang over and over, “On Christ the Solid Rock… Read More

Friday Prayer: Faith of our Mothers

Holy Tamar, fierce and proud, pray for us to be strengthened in the fight for reproductive rights, freedoms, and safety for all. Holy Shulamite woman, dark and beautiful, pray for us to be strengthened in the fight to support all women, their stories, and their truth. Holy Abigail, quick and clever, pray for us to be strengthened… Read More

Friday Prayer: A Word to Ponder

… Because imagining other possibilities for our lives would remind us of the painful gap between who we most truly are and the role we play in the so-called real world. As we become more obsessed with succeeding or, at least, surviving in that world- we lose touch with our souls and disappear into our roles.… Read More

Friday Prayer: Making a List

For those whose infants are in the NICU, we pray… For those who need dialysis, we pray… For families who hope to hear from the one wandering, we pray… For those on deployment, we pray… For those celebrating in secret, we pray… For those who have decided to speak their truth, we pray… For those… Read More

Friday Prayer: Yearning

May he defend the cause of the poor of the people, give deliverance to the needy, and crush the oppressor. – Psalm 72:4 God in heaven, what would this look like? You withstood David’s murder of Uriah and his adulterous tendencies, allowing the defenseless Bathsheba not only to be raped, but to experience the death of her child.… Read More

Friday Prayer: Prayer of St. Frankness

Lord, make me a piece of Your peace. Where there is hatred, help me see and point to privilege, pain and injustice. Where there is injury, help me stand with those who hurt, fear, and grieve. Where there is doubt, help me sit with the questions and the quiet. Where there is despair, help me to listen with ferocity… Read More