Monday Prayer

October prayer
It’s a Monday morning in October
The colours of autumn fall all around us
Gold and red and russet
Bronze and yellow and burnt umber…
Oh how glorious are the colours of creation!

It’s a Monday morning in October
The colours of the world fall all around us
Blood red; smoke grey; envy green; fear yellow …
Oh, how these colours touch us too…
Not with glory, but with despair

We are the witnesses to glory and despair
We are the voices to sing out, to speak up, to look down in sorrow
We are the hands, to offer comfort, to share bread and wine
To re-member; to put back together
This broken world
Sharing the broken body
Sipping the spilled blood of God
God is with us
In glory and despair
In hope and in desolation
God knows
We know
And we share it all

Oh God of World Communion; and broken bodies; and spilled blood; and dashed hopes; and glorious colours, be with us – whatever, wherever, whenever
Today and always


Perthshire, October 2013 Julie Woods

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Sunday Prayer: Pentecost 19B

Holy One,

We come before you this morning,

a community of the broken and the blessed*

acutely aware

of all of who we are and aren’t,

in these complicated confounding times

in which we live today.

We celebrate,

with our faith neighbors around the world,

in the very breaking of bread

and drinking of wine,

a sacrament of hope, of life,

of our very being.

We celebrate this meal,

and yet,

for some, there is no bread. no drink.

for some, there are only mud cakes, and unclean water.

What kind of sacrament is this?

We commiserate,

With all of the suffering and misunderstandings and contradictions

that swirl around us.

We cry out for justice and action

around gun violence,

and yet,

we know that our voices aren’t enough.

We must act, we must find out how to act.

We contemplate,

the ways in which you call us

surprising us by appearing in the strangest of ways,

burning bushes, a YouTube video, the stranger at the grocery store,

or even in the eclipse of a blood moon.

Help us to hear your call,

may we dare to follow your leading.

We care,

and may we let go and let the children, the least of these lead us to your kin-dom.

May we bless and receive the blessing of your creation, your creatures,

the oak trees, the robins, the mangy dogs, the green iguanas, the guinea pigs, the wild wolves, the gravel on the path,  the crisp night air and the chill wind.

We know we are your broken and blessed people.

We stumble, we dance, we fall, we rise.

May it all be pleasing to you, as we trust in You.

In the name of Christ our Brother, we pray.  Amen.

*”broken and blessed”  is from David Lose’s blog, “In The Meantime” in his  reflection on Pentecost 19B (

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11th Hour Preacher Party: St. Francis Edition

This week’s assigned Gospel reading is complicated. Will you tackle Jesus’ teaching about the sinfulness of divorce, or talk about welcoming children? It’s seems much easier to focus on entering the kingdom of God as a child, but if you read the first half of the Gospel in worship, for the sake of any divorced people in your congregation, it would be complicated to avoid the topic altogether. has some good commentary this week that might give you some ideas.

Are you using another lesson from the Revised Common Lectionary? Genesis 2 gives the basis for Jesus’ teaching on divorce in Mark, but also gives a totally different context for those words. The Hebrews reading glorifies Jesus, and then has Jesus praising God’s children. Job becomes a pawn in a spitting contest between God and Satan, which could bring up some fascinating conversations around evil, illness, or disaster in our world. Sermons on the Psalms can be difficult, but maybe you’re giving it a stab for Psalm 8 or 26.

Perhaps you’re on Narrative Lectionary and hearing the story of Moses. There has been a big gap in the story since last week’s reading, so you could spend most of the sermon just telling the history of the Hebrew people. Or you could pick up on the theme of holy ground – maybe you are bold enough to lead worship barefoot? Or focus on the powerful women who made the work of Moses possible – his sister and mother, the midwives Shiphrah and Puah, the daughter of Pharaoh.

If you’re in a church that celebrates feast days, maybe you’re doing something with St Francis today. Are you leading a blessing of the animals? If so, good luck!

Whatever your focus, whether you’re just reading the text for the first time or putting the finishing touches on a final draft, welcome to the party! I have been vacationing the past week with a friend who lives in Bavaria, so I will bring some beer and giant pretzels to share, and black forest cake. (If it’s morning in your time zone, don’t worry, I have it on good authority that these are appropriate refreshments for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time in between.) Pull up a chair, grab some snacks, and happy writing!

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Friday Five: cover to cover edition


We’ve been rearranging and reorganizing books at our house, a dangerous activity when trying to accomplish a task during precious leisure time–the lure of forgotten titles and favorite stories can be deliciously distracting, not to mention inspire a Friday Five theme.

Share with us some of your favorites:

A cookbook

A novel

A nonfiction book

A well-thumbed book to which you turn often, or with affection, used in our profession

An author you recommend frequently to others

Bonus: what are you reading now?

Be sure to include a link to your blog with your responses so that we can visit and leave comments, or if you’d prefer, share your responses in the comments section.

RevGalBlogPals encourages you to share our blog posts via email or social media. We do not grant permission to cut-and-paste prayers and articles without a link back. For permission to use material in paper publications, please email revgalblogpals at gmail dot com.

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Friday Prayer:

God of life,

It seems we don’t actually care.

Or maybe we do, but about the wrong thing…

Our idols are false security, false freedom, defense against false enemies…

We do not actually value life- real, live human beings-

Like college students or moviegoers or first graders…

If we did, we would shout down the lies of the false prophets

Whose religion is composed of cold steel and hot fear.

And, now, we are full of sighs. Regret. Lament. Frustration. Resignation.

The worst words of human history…

spoken on a darkening road between Emmaus and Jerusalem:

“We had hoped…

We do not dare to hope because nothing has changed.

The idols will not die.

The rhetoric is enshrined, rather than entombed.

The fear is crowned with glory, not irony.

And resurrection- a society that values all- never seems to come.

I don’t know what I am praying for any more.

Something different, anything different.

The words are the same, the days are the same, the tears are the same, the funerals will be the same.

I had hoped…

We had hoped…

And ten more lay dead.

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A Meet-n-Greet for the best month of the year

It’s October!

I love October.


autumn apples, just waiting to be enjoyed (photo by me)

In addition to being my birthday (that’s right, I observe my birthday for the entire month, because I love it so much), it’s also clearly the best weather we are likely to have in my area. Cool mornings, low humidity, sunny afternoons, breezy, colors changing, gorgeous sunsets…there’s no other month like it. I’m ignoring the fact that soon it will be -50F with seven feet of snow on the ground. For now, it’s October!

And this month we have a new member as gorgeous as the month. Please hop through the leaf piles and visit Arianne at Ash and StarlightArianne is a PCUSA pastor in Indiana, half of a clergy couple, a mom to both a daughter and an exuberant goldendoodle, and a seeker after connection and wholeness. Her blog is full of beauty in the midst of brokenness–like life.

Like October!

Welcome, Arianne!

If you know a blogger who would be a good addition to our community, please have them email us! If you ARE a blogger who has been blogging regularly for 3 or more months in a row, please email us to join! And if you aren’t a blogger but you like to read amazing words on a variety of topics, please visit any blog in our sidebar’s blogroll for a hit of inspiration. –> :-)

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Wednesday Festival: Odes to Joy

I came to this week’s Wednesday Festival in search of joy, and I was not disappointed. 

Anita’s post reminds us to “Let your trajectory bring you joy.”

Laura wrote about the joy of Sabbath and self-care

MaryAnn reflected on embracing whatever brings you joy.

April described her firsthand experience of the joy of creative collaboration –

Cindy shared the great joy of teenagers (really!)

Sarah wrote about the joy of needlework, of crocheting hats just in time for the autumn chill.

And Liz told us about her experience this week with the surprising joys of public transport.

This week has brought me joy in an unexpected call from my sister, just to chat, as well as a couple of days up north with RevGal Judy Shipman at her lovely cottage on beautiful Crooked Lake.

What has brought you joy lately?

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Of All Tenderness and Hope (Wednesday Prayer)

Oh Holy One,

All Tenderness and Hope,

Who blew into being all of This,

Who cradled and fashioned from earth and dirt Us,

Who spans the heavens and depths,


You who marvels at the lines and veins in my hands,

who smiles when I wryly smack my head like a V8 commercial,

who cherishes the tiniest,

who grieves the heaviest,

who cries out the loudest,


I want more of You in my heart, help me crack it open wider.


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Come Away to a Place Set Apart…

Come away to a place set apart...

…where we can rest, recoup, share resources, and support each other.

Mark 6:31b [Jesus] said to the Apostles, 
“Come by yourselves to a secluded place and rest for a while.”

“Come away to a place set apart where we can rest, recoup, share resources, and support each other.” 

RGSV (RevGal Standard Version)

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Here’s our dream: We would love to get to a recurring monthly pledge range of $2000 per month, which would allow us to raise Martha’s salary to a wage commensurate with a part-time call. There are 3021 members of our Facebook group and 329 blog ring members, and also 5238 followers of this blog. We believe $2000 per month is a reasonable, attainable goal. We also welcome one-time gifts, which will be used for travel and professional development as well as the organization’s operating expenses.

Please join us in the financial support of RevGalBlogPals.

“Come away to a place set apart where we can rest, recoup, share resources, and support each other.”

~Amy Haynie, Board Member, RevGalBlogPals, Inc.

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Tuesday Prayer

Good morning, Friend.

I thank you today for a rainy vacation at the beach

(a bad weather day at the beach is better than almost anything)

two white pups

German food

family time, and time alone together

And for going back home.



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